Santa Barbara Dolphins Swim Program

We are launching our beginner club swim program called the Santa Barbara Dolphins Swim Program. Kids age 7-14 can learn basic swim skills and advance through 4 level based groups. Dues will be monthly 95$. This is for 2X training per week. Schedule is MWF at UCSB Campus pool 5:30-6:30PM

Goals: This program is designed for fun, fitness and friends! Swimmers will develop endurance and increase strength. They will learn proper technique of all four strokes, starts and turns. They provide an opportunity for swimmers to experience team bonding and utilize their developing skills that can be used to be water safe, qualify for Jr Guards, or join a competitive swim or water polo team. Kids will use flippers and kick boards to enhance learning. Kids will be tested for appropriate group and be able to advance from level 1-4.

This program is not part of USA Swimming, and won’t have any swim meets.

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Level 1 Dolphin group – Learn to swim, Develop a strong kick, use of flippers to assist swimming
Level 2 Seal group – Building endurance, stoke refinement, introduction to other strokes, sprinting
Level 3 Seabass group – Refinement of strokes, racing, Multiple lap swim sets, increased endurance, introduction to egg beater
Level 4 Shark group – Interval training, Sprinting, Kicking, head up swimming, mastering eggbeater kick